January 2011

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January 2011

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Clearly I am not keeping on top of this blog lark!

The last few months have been rather different. A week or so before the wedding we finally had Isabella taken out of the water and parked her in the boatyard which has been our home for the last few months. It certainly feels like a less romantic lifestyle when you inform friends and family (and anyone who is the slightest bit interested) that you now live in a car park. Sea gypsies no longer, we have become pikies! A few days before the wedding we packed our bags and temporarily moved to my Uncle’s holiday cottage, where we held the wedding, so we could be on site for the final preparations. The last few days were a blur of activity; stringing up lights in the marquee, making toffee apples, carving pumpkins, picking things up, dropping other things off. I honestly don’t know how I would have pulled it all off without the help of my bridesmaids, Jeff (of course!) best men and my brother and his girlfriend. Team work!

We had a fantastic day (despite a few hiccups!). The sun shone as we stood outside surrounded by our friends and families and made our vows to each other. Wine flowed, food was enjoyed and the evening festivities kicked off with shots of Plymouth sloe gin, sparklers, fireworks and a bonfire before dancing the night away Ceilidh style!

I have never felt as tired as I did after the wedding. We left booking the honeymoon till the very last minute as we could not decide where we wanted to go. I made the one stipulation that we did not go away on a boat.....................we went on a Nile cruise. It was really lovely but over far too quickly and I still felt exhausted on our return.

So back to life in the boatyard. Just settling into our new life as Mr and Mrs, (which to be fair didn’t take much as we have been shacked up for over eleven years), and then the snow arrived! It snowed and it snowed and it snowed and I loved it!! I know the rest of the country quickly went off the idea but I thought it was magical. I am pretty sure Lunar did too. It was so surreal to pop my head out of the hatch in the morning to be greeted by mounds of snow on deck and the river Esk swollen with icebergs. Very Narnia and very Christmassy. Jeff. Lunar and I had a snug little Christmas time in our festively decorated cabin and despite the snowy conditions managed to see most of the family and friends we had planned to.

Here we are and its the beginning of the new year. We shall be taking down the decorations all too soon. I was thinking about doing a new year detox type thing but as we have plans for trips away and birthday parties coming up I think now is not the best time. Shame! Now it's just a wait really. A countdown until we are back in the water. I don’t know what this year will hold for us (Will we make it round? Will we sink? Will we end up costing the RNLI more than we have raised so far!?) but it will be exciting finding out!
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