3rd April 2010

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3rd April 2010

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Easter weekend has arrived and Spring is finally here with the traditional onset of torrential rain, I mean "April showers!"

Last week saw us return from our trip out to Jersey. We flew from Plymouth and were met at the airport by Mally, Jeff's school mate and best man at our wedding. He and his girlfriend, Mel, very kindly put us up for the first and last nights of our stay and we had a brilliant time with them. The first night we were properly spoilt by Mel who prepared a fantastic and unexpected meal for us. I have to admit I was glad when the wine came out as I was getting quite nervous about the course starting the next day and had pretty much convinced myself that I knew nothing about sailing and would probably be forced to walk the plank as punishment for my ignorance.

Fortunately all was well and by the end of the first day I began to think I had been a bit hard on myself. The course was great and we spent an enjoyable five days sailing from Jersey to Guernsey to France and back in sunshine, wind, rain, squalls, big waves and small. Our instructor and course mates were all lovely and we came back to land feeling very positive about the whole experience and looking forward to getting back to Isabella and the final stages of our preparations. We rushed to pick up Lunar from the kennels and as it turns out I had no need to feel nervous about the state of her mental health after being abandoned and imprisoned for the week as she seems just as unhinged and "special" as ever.

So here I am, sat on Isabella in her cradle, in the middle of a boat yard with the rain pelting down unrelentingly. Jeff has had to don wet weather gear in order to visit the "facilities" and Lunar is looking at me reproachfully as though I am solely to blame for the weather. Not quite the image I had been entertaining for this weekend. Perhaps a little anticlimactic. We left Sutton Lock for the last time two days ago and I did feel a little sad to be leaving the place I had begun to call home. Despite that I feel the beginnings of real excitement growing. Every now and then I get butterflies in my tummy and I need to squeak and pinch myself. This is happening. It is. This is happening soon.

Just have to get the joy of anti fouling over with first!

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