16th March 2010

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16th March 2010

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Ok so wow! Breathe in and out. Repeat.

Just looked at the date on my watch. It is the 16th of March. The first thing to jump into my head was the realisation that the wedding is exactly 7 months away! Jimminey cricket! The small flock of butterflies that suddenly appeared in my tummy along with this thought suddenly doubled in size with the further realisation that a much more imminent and scary thing must therefore be happening a lot sooner than I had let myself believe. Quick check of the calendar confirms that in under a month, weather very much dependant of course, we will be off to live as actual sea gypsies! Fortunately, at least in this instance, my mood is often very affected by the weather and as today greets me with glorious spring sunshine and the promise of some warmth ahead I am managing to keep myself predominantly on the side of excitement rather than nervous stress.

I am a little perturbed by how much needs to be done before we set off. The most important being the sailing course we are booked on next week. Oh my god. Next week? How did that sneak up so fast? Clearly I should be doing day skipper theory rather than sitting here writing this but I promise I will get on with it this afternoon. Then we have a week or so out of the water to try and make sure everything is tickety boo. After which we bomb up to North Yorkshire for a mad weekend of visiting relatives, bridesmaid dress shopping (I have one day to dress 4 girls!!) meetings with caterers and the Humanist Celebrant and to leave our trusted Cecil Pea (car) at the farm (my parents) before we rental car it back down and are on our merry way.


We had what may turn out to be our last proper trip away out of Plymouth this weekend and I am glad we managed to get over to Edgecombe and then Cawsand for some particularly lovely spring weather. Our trip did include a minor detour as we had to return to the marina after rather cleverly setting sail without any oars for the dingy. They had rather rudely been pilfered on out last trip to Fowey and in our haste to get away we forgot all about them. Much to Lunar's dismay who could only look longingly at the other dogs playing on the beach and she spent time alternating between letting out soulful sorrowful whimpers and giving us very reproachful puppy dog eyes until we rectified our mistake and returned to buy new ones.

We were very glad that we could make it to Cawsand once more before leaving; it has a special place in our hearts as this is where Jeff asked me to marry him. As the weather turned out beautifully we went for a very long walk before a well deserved meal out at the bistro. A relaxing time was had by all with the exception of Lunar and the local wild deer who probably ran the equivalent of several marathons through forest and gorse!

Oh and on the way back I radioed Sutton Lock for the first time. Felt like a bit of a clip but I guess I will have to get used to it!!

So I guess its time to get back to some serious theory work. Vectors and position plotting are calling me.

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