15th February 2010

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15th February 2010

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Well we have just got back from another weekend away so thought I would do another post as it has been ages since my last one!

2010 has arrived and so far it looks like it will be a year full of sailing. We have already managed several weekends away and I am becoming used to having the sea pretty much to ourselves. It seems we are hardcore winter sailors- well if nipping along the coast and arriving at our destination in time for a drink or two and a meal at the local pub is considered hardcore. I think it is when coupled with a bit of moody winter weather and ice.

I have to admit though that last weekend when we went away to stay in a hotel in Cornwall for my birthday I was very happy to soak in several bubble baths and I did enjoy putting on a dress and wearing high heels. There isn't much call for that attire at home! The weather for our weekend away on land was actually amazing sunshine and so warm. We ended up sat outside a pub on the Helford river sunbathing. In February! It really made me start to get excited about the summer and looking forward to all the adventures ahead of us. I am getting a bit freaked out about the proximity of our leaving date though. Not because I am reluctant to go just that we have so much to do first, including a practical Day Skipper course I am going on at the end of March. I am a bit worried about this as I seem to have developed Raynaud 's syndrome which leaves me in pain and pretty much useless at anything requiring fingers. Brilliant! Ropes, knots and I are not good friends at the moment. I am guessing I will need to use my fingers on the course so am hoping for good warm weather for the last week in March. Not too much to ask :)

I am also realising that planning our wedding from the boat as we sail round might get trickier as we go. Where would one keep a wedding dress and table centre pieces on a Tempest? Where will I put the cake stand? I think my mum's spare room might be required. Jeff is already starting to try and get yachting references into the wedding ceremony. I think he wants the music to the shipping forecast to be played at some point and to be honest I am a little surprised that Isabella isn't a member of the bridal party. Perhaps she could be a flowergirl? She would look very pretty with flowers up the mast. Ok I am worrying myself now.

Note to self before I go.....get Lunar a new life jacket. She looks an utter clip in that fur coat she seems to be sporting in Jeff's most recent photos. Nice.

On that note I notice that Jeff keeps putting hideous pictures of me in his blog. Not impressed so will have to retaliate soon.
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