2nd Nov 2009 - Moving

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2nd Nov 2009 - Moving

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So an update. A new record. The last few weeks have been manic, actual rushing around like headless chickens madness. So where to begin?

We spent days back at the flat sorting through all our worldly possessions and I am still amazed at the Mary Poppin's bag/tardis like qualities our attic seems to possess. I am a little concerned that the ceiling might collapse under all the weight of everything we shoved up there. I really hope we don't get a phone call informing us that our new tenant has been crushed to death after our king sized mattress and surfboard plummeted through her bedroom ceiling whilst she slept!!

The actual process of letting out the flat was a lot less stressful than I had thought. We had a young couple round first. They seemed lovely but we could tell straight away that it was probably out of their budget. Next day a lady came round. She seemed interested and really nice too. We didn't hear anything for a couple of days so Jeff rang the letting agency and they told us she had already paid a deposit. Score!! Done and dusted. The next few days saw the rest of our belongings, that were too heavy or impractical to be hoisted into the attic, depart form us to various strangers who inhabit the virtual worlds of ebay or freecycle. I think Jeff was a bit gutted that the massive TV went for about a tenner but it was a relief to see the fridge go as I don't think our little car would have survived a trip to the dump with that in it's roof (Our car is a little green Suzuki Swift so covered in flowers that it looks like a hippy has been sick on its bonnet. It is called Cecil Pea.)

We left the flat, on Saturday 24th October, much as we had bought it, with Cecil full to the brim and sporting a full roof rack, including a giant lobster pot Jeff received for his birthday. I had one night back on Isabella at Yacht Haven and then I drove all the way up to York to meet my bridesmaids for some serious wedding sorting out, leaving Jeff behind to try and fit the contents of Cecil into our already packed little boat. The next few days for me where a whirlwind of dresses, appointments, bubbles and cocktails. As I am so far away from my bridesmaids and family I had to cram in as much as I could into the 3 or so days that I was with them and I realise this is only going to get trickier when we actually set off on our trip. Planning and organising a wedding form a moving boat is going to be a challenge!

Despite the manic rush and despite my mum battling through bronchitis in order to attend to her Mother of the Bride duties, I think I may already have found the wedding dress. Gulp! I loved it when I tried it on and had to go back the next day just to swoon at it again. I have not ordered it yet though as I keep having a wobble about it to the point where as soon as I leave the shop I can't quite remember it and have a mini freak out that it is hideous and I look like a trout in it and Jeff will hate it. Fortunately the bridesmaids took control, reminded me to breathe and took photo's for me so that when this happens I can look at the picture of me in it and try to remain sane.

After a trip with my mum to look at possible venues and the obligatory "almost" arguments/minor disagreements over guest lists, catering companies and whether the two toilets we will have access to for the reception at the farm will have to be labelled "ladies" and "gents" or "unisex" I finally breathed a sign of relief as I got back into little Cecil and began the mammoth journey back down to Plymouth, Jeff and Lunar (salty sea dog ).

The last few days at Yacht Haven where pleasant enough but the ten minute walk from Isabella to the facilities along the dodgy pontoons and walkways was enough to make me want them to pass quickly in order to move across to the relative luxury on offer at Sutton Harbour. We bade farewell to Mount Batten and our time there with a final meal of moules frites and plaice on crushed potatoes and we raised a glass to what has been a successful start to our life aboard a yacht. Looking back to my first times at Yacht Haven I remember feeling quite out of my depth and very apprehensive about the practicalities of living in such a confined space and without the reassurance of dry land outside my front door but as we left the marina to cross over to the city I felt like we had made the right decision. I am worried that I no longer have access to my little flat. I cant go back for a night whenever I fancy a bath rather than a shower. I know other problems will keep cropping up too. I do know, however from being aboard 95% of the time since February that we can do this and each problem that has arisen so far has been met. In fact the whole thing up to date, apart from the endless umming and ahhing had been essentially pain free!!

So here I now sit in the city centre of Plymouth. A little different to the tranquillity of the Tamar where we kept of first yacht only 18 months ago and where Jeff and I first began all this. Different again from the beaches and cliff top walks over on Mount Batten. Different but good. I have just got back from town and its hustle and bustle but I am sat here in the cabin with Jeff and the dog and we are warm and cozy and safe..............and later we are gong out for pizza and cocktails to celebrate!! Can't be bad.

So here's to the next 5 months of city life; a bit of culture and a few nights out all within the protective guard of the lock gates.

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