14th August 2012 - Lunar Helps The Harbour Master

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14th August 2012 - Lunar Helps The Harbour Master

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An interesting few days have passed of meeting people from all over the world, informing the harbour master about boats dragging at anchor, lots more boats dragging at anchor and then weighing anchor ourselves and moving to a pontoon to ride out the impending bad weather.

While in the anchorage we also happened to notice a brown steel boat that resembled "Moontide" which we last saw in Exeter Turf Lock back in summer 2010.

Turf lock mentioned here (with pics):

And here (with pics):

And it WAS Moontide! And captain and crew Keren and Chris were aboard waving! So they came aboard Towser for a cuppa and told us that they're on the way south across Biscay - which is awesome and impressive and even more so as Keren only started sailing a couple of years ago and has never been out of sight of land. They're blogging their adventures here:


Some facts...

We've now sat out a rainstorm and we did not leak!

We anchored in winds over 20 knots and did not drag!

We motored to the mooring pontoon we're on and parked without any major issues!

We serviced the portable generator and it works. We ran the insitu generator and that worked too.

In fact, nothing has gone wrong since my last post I don't think. This is a new chapter! It will not last long this chapter!

Meanwhile, Lunar has decided she'd like to work with Lucy the Harbour Patroller:

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