16th April 2011 - Solution to leaking stern gland found.

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16th April 2011 - Solution to leaking stern gland found.

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Our leaking stern gland continued to get worse despite attempting to ensure the "vanes" were the right way around, and were clear of debris.

I even tried putting a cable tie around it to pinch it to the shaft - which did reduce the rate of the drip, but then even with the tie, it started to get steadily worse.

I'd bought a spare (not cheap at ~£70) just in case this happened, but couldn't bring myself to pay the hoist fee of about £130 (In Hartlepool) to just be lifted then dropped, especially when we'd only just got put back in the water, so I got inexorably closer to the conclusion that I was going to have a go at "hot swapping" the old one for the new one.

The procedure involves removing the old one from the shaft and then holding a towel over the gaping hole now made in the bottom of the boat while attempting to negotiate the new one into place without damaging it. I thought I'd get Rose to do the job of holding the towel, but when I got everything set up realised there wasn't room for both of us to do the job. So while she was out, I went for it...

(Contains a swear word, sorry, couldn't help it.)

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