Best Anchorages in the Cyclades

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Best Anchorages in the Cyclades

Post by poe42147 »

Hi all,

First time poster so I apologise if this is in the wrong place or if a similar thread already exists.

I have a yacht chartered with 7 of my friends in Laviro in late May. I've been eagerly consuming information on the area and am looking for some more personal information. I'm particularly interested in 'perfect' anchorages. Nice small coves, beaches inaccessible from land, the perfect places to lunch, swim, or overnight. Just generally beautiful, quiet, little spots.

I'm also interested in more general information regarding must see islands and places right down to any suggestions for great restaurants. Any and all advice would be kindly received but, as I say, the best anchorages are especially what I am after.

Thanks in advance for any info or suggestions!

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Hi, welcome to the forums! I hope someone comes along soon who can assist with an answer to your question.
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