Albin Vega but bigger??

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Albin Vega but bigger??

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I'm new to the forum and am looking for a bit of advice for buying a sailing yacht. I've been having a look at Albin Vega's and have the impression that these are great value for money as well as being solid for offshore sailing (we plan on doing a fair bit of this). Another thing that we liked with the Vega is that there seems to be, for want of a better term, a classic car-style scene around these older boats. The ones we have seen are well taken care of, refurbished often with new engine installed. What we're worried about is that the Vega might be slightly small for our needs as we had originally planned to buy something between 30-33 ft. As we're new to the British boat market we were wondering if anyone could recommend a boat with a similar profile to the Albin Vega but just slightly bigger? I'm aware that Albin produced larger boats but I haven't found too many for sale and there doesn't seem to be the same buzz about them as there is with the Vega. Is there anything else that you folks could recommend?


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Good news, there is literally loads of choice! Straight away, I would be looking at the Nicholson 32, Contessa 32, Twister28, Rustler 31, Nicholson 31, Halmatic 30............... possibilities are endless!

Albin made a bigger model called the Ballard at around 30ft LOA.

Google will throw up all sorts of boats above for sale at all sorts of prices.

Happy hunting!


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What Rob said.

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