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Which Reeds Almanac And Why????

Posted: Thu Sep 06, 2018 3:31 pm
by theboywiggans
Hi everyone,

We've just bought our first cruiser and will be mooring in Cardigan, West Wales, UK. I'm looking at which Reeds Almanac to get and need help making the decision please.

Do I get the Western which covers all the west coast of Scotland England and Wales as well as the whole of Ireland, OR do I get the Atlantic which covers the whole of Europe?

My thoughts are, we probably won't be straying too far so the western will suffice but at only £10 more is the whole of Europe a better buy? Will the level of detail for the western areas be better in the western almanac and condensed in the Europe almanac? Will the detail in the Europe almanac be just the same but far more of it?

Any help will be greatly received, thank you.

Re: Which Reeds Almanac And Why????

Posted: Tue Sep 11, 2018 10:44 am
by Jeff
Hi and welcome!! Sorry for the slow response - I've been climbing in the Alps!

The full almanac is the one to go for, it has 1088 pages whereas the Western has only 288.

I'm not certain but I suspect given the massive difference in the number of pages, the detail level is the same.

Also - one of my favourite things to do afloat on anchor in the evening was to thumb through the almanac and dream of hypothetical plans.

Also also, get yourself a modern pattern anchor if you haven't already (Rocna or Spade). Because they work so well and hence increase the time you spend at anchor, they pay for themselves in no time in saved marina fees :) They also give you the confidence to go further afield with your overnight explorations.