Man Overboard Part 3 - MOB Situations

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Man Overboard Part 3 - MOB Situations

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Man Overboard Part 3 - MOB Situations

Man Overboard - Recovering Your Casualty
This is the final article in our three-part series, looking at how to prepare for and deal with man overboard situations.

In previous articles, we highlighted some useful techniques for identifying a casualty in the water and discussed how we could make contact. Here we consider how to get your casualty back on board.
Sadly many MOB situations have ended in tragedy with the casualty brought successfully alongside the boat but the crew are unable to recover them from the water.

Consider them helpless
Even in the summer months, the water temperatures around the coasts of the UK can be cold. We often forget that a pleasant paddle at the beach is a totally different situation to falling off a vessel a mile or so from shore.
Falling from a yacht can be a real fright and even the fittest crew member will not be able to avoid the almost instantaneous 'cold shock' that is experienced as we hit the water.
If the casualty is not wearing a life jacket then he or she will rapidly tire as they struggle to tread water whilst involuntarily keeping their head as high as they can as they search for rescue.
It does not take take long for a casualty to become utterly exhausted and as a result they will often become helpless.
This must be at the forefront of our planning and thinking when we consider how we are going to get a man overboard safely back on board.

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