Man Overboard Part 2 - Making Contact

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Man Overboard Part 2 - Making Contact

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Man Overboard - Making Contact Part 2

This is the second in our three-part series of articles, looking at how to prepare for and deal with man overboard situations.

Man Overboard

Losing a member of crew overboard is a terrifying scenario for every skipper. To help ensure a successful outcome and the safe recovery of a casualty, plans and procedures should be in place.
Personal equipment to enable the crew member to remain afloat, equipment to help you make contact with the man over board (MOB), and a means of recovering the person from the water safely and quickly should all be considered, and the crew should be familiar with using them.
Most importantly, practice your MOB procedures - and then practice them again with someone else in control!

How to Make Contact with your Crew Member in the Water

Once a MOB incident has occurred, everything possible should be done to locate the person in the water and as fast as possible. What equipment should you consider?

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