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information required

Post by Tonia » Sun Aug 21, 2011 7:49 am

Hello, I am an English writer living in Italy. With my husband I have sailed for years in the Med but since he is Italian I have learnt nearly all nautical terminology in Italian. Now I am working on a book where a character lives on a boat in England. There are so many differences in sailing conditions there that I do not want to make mistakes. In the Med we do not have to worry about tides for example! What I am really looking for here is some help to make sure I do not make stupid mistakes when writing. Today I wanted to write about the noise (which I adore) of the "sartie" as they bang against the mast. The on-line translation was "stay" but that did not seem to sound right. I am also looking for locations. I need a marina to keep my character's boat in all year (when not sailing). I come back to England often and I would be happy to phone anyone who could give me a hand. Thank you in asvance, Tonia

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Post by Discus » Mon Aug 22, 2011 3:07 pm

Well Tonia, if the stays were banging against the mast, I think the mast might be falling down!!! (stays are the wire rigging that tensions the mast to the hull)I think your on - line translation is a bit out. Normally, the clanking noise you hear against the masts are 'halyards' or the ropes that are used to pull the sails up and down (as opposed to 'sheets' which control the angle the sails make with the wind). You must be one of the few people who like the noise as it can drive you mad if you are onboard for any length of time. Nautical terminology is a language on its own. If you need any more translations, just describe them and hopefully I can give you an answer - this may even make a good game!!! 8)


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